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I really enjoyed playing this game with my partner. Highly recommended for anyone who's trying to have something different and new for their private hours!!

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My experience with Bedroom Battle comes from being both a supporter on Kickstarter, as a play tester for the final release, and as a current player. The game offers couples a fun, safe, and entertaining way to spice up their intimate activities, while helping foster greater communication.

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Please read with maturity and respect. Whether you are trying to reignite the old spark or a new couple looking to experiment, sex board games can get you hot and steamy all from the comfort of your home. What do you need to play? A partner, your choice of alcohol, and a sense of adventure wink, wink. Monogamy is aimed at committed couples looking to get a little more intimate. Talk, Flirt, Dare! Essentially, three-game level cards, this a good adult game for couples or parties.

This is a really simple card game with no particular rules except that there are three types of cards.

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These cards are aimed at starting conversations and getting to know each other. Then there are Flirt cards, which are aimed to create closeness and connection. Finally, Dare cards are for the risk-takers. Dare cards are meant to be action cards that initiate and encourage physical touch.

Keep the passion alive with this romantic spin on a classic. A few added fun activities and rules will make for a tantalizing game night for you and your partner. Start with some of the 25 playful cards, meant to build up anticipation and then move on to the romantic naughty cards to heighten the passion. With action or question cards, this game has tremendous replay value, meaning you can defeat your partner over and over again. Battle of the Sexes is less about intimacy and more about victory!

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A trivia-based game, where a male team and a female team go head-to-head to answer questions about the opposite sex. This game is an all-around fun game for groups of all sizes. Outwit, outsmart and outplay the opposing time and win the little trophies, as well as bragging rights. Why not give Netflix a miss and play Loopy to learn more about your partner? With a really nice de and some surprises, Loopy will definitely ignite those embers to a burning fire once again. The game consists of a board with an arrow, a few rules, and cards. A silk blindfold also comes with the game to heighten the senses and make things a little more interesting.

Choose the level you and your partner are comfortable with and get your freak on. A game for adventurous couples, Bedroom Battle lives up to its name.

The sex battle

In the game, couples battle it out to win dares to act out with their partner. A slightly more complex game than others on this list, Bedroom Battle has a strategy element making it a good choice for frequent board game players. This game can reignite the flame by being a bit open and vulnerable with your partner. This is a good game for those who are more about the conversations than the touching. With cards to choose from, there are lo of questions and activities. Start off your night with telling and move on to a little more touching.

Top 20 best steamy sex board games for couples or groups

Relationality- The amazingly real-to-life game about relationships. This game is perfect for all types of people. Single, married, families- you name it. This is a research-based game that helps create and start interesting conversations for your relationships.

You can play the game as a bachelor or bachelorette, or switch it up and play as a married couple or living together. There are lo of aspects to this game like insurance, child support, and mortgages. But the fantastic part of the game is that you learn a lot about the players and how they would deal with real-life situations. Truth or Dare: dynamite really does come in small sizes. This small tin of cards has 50 truth and 50 risque dare cards to ignite naughty games.

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Truth or Dare for Couples can give you and your partner kinky inspiration or some revealing truths. Choose truth or dare and pick up a card, very simple. Some dares include massages, kisses, and more pleasuring. Bring this little travel-friendly tin for a romantic weekend away or a night of adult fun.

Top 20 best steamy sex board games for couples or groups

Easy and portable, a perfect game for a romantic weekend away. These sex dice are are a great addition for when you dim the lights down low and get down. With four different types of diceeach one has a different instruction. There are two dice with different positions pictured. On the third dice, different parts of the body and the last die are what to do. For example, shake, shake 2 dice, and roll what to do and where to do it.

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Pretty self-explanatory, but 4 different types of dice gives it a high replay value. Essentially, Jenga, Sex Sex battle game uses the same game de of gently removing blocks without letting the tower fall, but adds unique elements to the game, with every block matching to a card instruction. This game is for the fetish fanatics. Explore the world of fetishes with Fetish Seductions. Try out leather fetish, domination, uniforms, or even hot wax! Although this is an extremely adventurous game, it still focuses on safety and making sure each player is comfortable in their role. Fetish Seductions is a card game but the set includes lo of fun extras like a feather, candle, ropes, and a mask.

Of course, these are strictly non-refundable. If you and your partner are looking to experiment in the safety of your own home, Fetish Seductions is a good choice for you to try out some new techniques and push your comfort levels. A housewife seducing the handyman? The pizza delivery man?

Top 20 best steamy sex board games for couples or groups

If you find the thought of having an affair intriguing this is the game for you and your partner. Fantasy Affairs centers around different types of affair scenarios. Let your secret fantasies come to life with your partner. This board game offers couples sex battle game space to live out their affairs with each other. Move along the game board and collect heart tokens and lots of different types of cards to bring your fantasies to life.

Get creative with your affair scenario and experiment with different roles all while still being monogamous with your partner. The game is super easy to follow and has simple rules. Pick up a card and do what naughty thing it tells you to do. The cards are based on a 5 category system that increases with each level.

Start with something sweet and slowly get naughtier and naughtier until you and your partner have reached complete ecstasy! The best part of this game is the personal touch you can add to it. Naughty Game has 10 blank cards that you can fill in yourself so you can be assured that some of your favorite bedtime activities will come up! Our Sex Game prides itself on being a gender-neutral board game.

Bedroom battle - the sex game for couples

With three different dice, game pieces, and cards, the pleasure intensifies as you move along the letters. Adult Loaded Questions was created with the idea that one question can have millions of answers. With a fun board game spinner, players spin and choose the corresponding card and read it out so the other players can write down some hilarious answers. Answers are shuffled and read aloud.

Battle sex games

The favorite answer wins the card! Adult Loaded Questions helps couples or friends learn about each other all while having fun! Hitting the seven-year itch? The Discovery Game is less of a sex game and more about intimacy, although it normally le to getting physical!

Discovery cards present questions or activities. With reality and wish cards too, some fun setbacks and challenges are perfect for couples who live together. A wish card can lead a partner to do something physical or simply do the dishes.

Battle sex games

This game can be tailored to the level of intimacy you want all while assuring connectedness. Path to Pleasure makes the journey as exciting as the destination. With the option of turning this couples game into a group game, Path to Pleasure definitely awakens the senses while on your path to sexual discovery. Whether you invite other couples to play or only play together one-on-one, this sex board game will build up your anticipation as you move along each square.

Each square on the board is aimed to create closeness and intimacy. Some squares are questions while others are sexy sensual acts.

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Bring back the spark with The Ultimate Game for Couples as it sparks conversation and challenges players. It can be played as a couple to learn more about each other or in a group to challenge which couple knows each other best. The game includes Guess cards and Challenge cards and with cards, this game has lots of replayability.

Its easy gameplay makes it perfect for game nights with friends or to spend quality time with your other half.

Bedroom battle - the sex game for couples

The Ultimate Game for Couples is definitely worth giving a try as it goes beyond the normal surface-level questions and adds fun, hilarious challenges that are sure to bring you to tears with giggling. Did you know there are 50 different oral sex positions?

These cards help you and your partner get really creative, all in the name of oral sex.