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Filipine lady pick sex game ads for relationship

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What do sex and video games have in common? The games themselves have of sexual conte nt and overtones. But what does the PS Vita and masturbation have in common? Watch the list here:. Boobsapparently. Is this creepy or sexy?

How old am I: 25
Service for: Hetero
Tint of my iris: I’ve got big gray-blue eyes
Hair color: Strawberry-blond
I speak: I speak English and Arabic
Smoker: Yes

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Sex sells, and when your target demographic is consists mostly of single, heterosexual males and your product exists in a fast-moving, cutthroat environment, then things might get a little out of hand with your advertising.

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Where to begin with this gem? Meanwhile, slick-head in the background is trying to blow off some steam after a day at the office by slipping in to some tight jeans and a baggy dress shirt with the sleeves tastefully buttoned. Seriously, though: if anyone can identify the game in this intensely phallic image, please let us know. It starts out with a lack of taste all too typical for videogamewith a woman disrobing and soon followed by four of her disrobing friends. But then subverts itself sex game ads a naked fat guy. But who can say? There are actually two versions of this ad, but for some reason both feature said fat dude bending over to get a piece of pizza off the ground.

Trying to jump on the viral marketing bandwagon, the makers of F. A pioneering force in specialized peripherals, Eidos included an actual dominatrix that would convert your home into a sex dungeon, and then whip you every time you tried to stop playing. The best thing about MTX vs. These two girls are just bad at washing off-road vehicles, I guess.

So, this is a game, not an ad for a Miami Vice knock-off, right?

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Looks like their might be some, uh, pixels in it or something? Not with that big mass of mustache in the way. Now, some might call the inclusion of this infamous Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball ad too obvious a choice. I disagree. This ad has some truly clever flourishes.

A fine sampling of oversexed videogame

But the most outstanding feature is that instead of promising players a fantasy, it shows them reality: You and your ugly-man friends in a dark room, casually covering erections. It seems like only yesterday that they started popping up on just about any site with pace. As this blog post documents, the got sexier and sexier and not in a good way until it reached a fevered level of overexposure — both the of and square footage of skin.

Watching, and waiting. I remember this second one because it was in flash and zoomed in really close on her pixelated boobs.

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This seems not to be the case. Konami, were you even trying? Incidentally, that cage looks about strong enough to imprison a sick badger, but anything past that would be wishful thinking. Unlike many of the other here, I can only assume that this was intentionally made ridiculous. Ah, the sheer marketing power of Lara Croft. Not content to shill for her own games, she started moonlighting in generic PlayStation .

1 hour of constant dirty talking cheating pawg milf from sex game ad scene

Either that or blindness. Though platonic ideal of this trend is personified by the legendary Cho Aniki series, Muscle March brings some truly valuable additions to the table.

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Most importantly, you can play as a giant polar bear in an orange thong. Points for sheer gratuity, Davis Cup. This is not a successful ad. The words at the top are all mushed together, making it unclear what exactly is being sold. But forget her.

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And then you notice the high heels, and how the ad cuts back to them repeatedly. Not game play, not even sexy ladies, just feet.

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The journey has been long, and we have seen amazing things together, but now it has come to an end. However, we at Geekosystem always want to leave you feeling happy, and this Guitar Hero ad guarantees that. Even cashing a check from a video game company, as they cash a check on a boob-obsessed consumer audience.

I tried not to cum while playing the adult games advertised on pornhub

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