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I will be pulling snippets from the chapter and commenting on them as I go.

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Mark owns and runs the London based 3D de agency Chalk. Studiosand his gift to me was this beautiful 3D model of my very own Gourmet Gaming logo! Studios Facebook Twitter. Merry Christmas to all our Gourmet Gaming fans! Here at Gourmet Gaming we take a unique perspective on video games.

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Tired of the same old games appearing on Game of the Year lists for the same old reasons? Then the Gourmet Gaming Game of the Year is for you! Best Food of I Am Bread. No bread, no pasta, no cakes - you guys are the real heroes. Gourmet Gaming does not advocate nor recommend the consumption of Mudokons or Mudokon by-products. Especially not in all new glorious HD. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram for endless food and drink pictures as Swery eats his way from gaming convention to gaming convention while somehow remaining a perfectly normal size.

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The ship in Alien: Isolation has a cereal collection Jerry Seinfeld would be jealous of. Bet you thought I was going to make a meth joke - too bad! Foreskins AND eyelids? In the same bowl?! The man is a genius. Save some for me. Best game to play while eating: Super Smash Bros.

Wii U. I suck at Super Smash Bros. Save the girl, wipe away the debt, yada-yada-yada - embrace the anti-consumerist ideology by picking up abandoned food throughout Columbia, foraging in bins for birthday cakes and beans. Booker DeWitt is a man of morals and morsels. Best diet game: Dark Souls II. Looking to lose some weight? Gaming allegory, anyone? Games and energy drinks have long been intertwined.

If so - give us a call. Best use of food as positive reinforcement: Super Time Force. Rescuing fellow heroes, retrying over and over and over again, time travelling through TIME to save the world? I did it all for the cookie. Most anticipated food of Bloodborne.

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A few years ago I began playing it during my annual winter desire for point and click adventures, but believe I abandoned it to play Dracula: Origins. I hear wonderful things though, and this recipe for Mulled Wine has definitely encouraged me to finally play it. Keep reading. Opening on December 5th at the National MuseumI was fortunate enough to be invited along to the preview.

The exhibition caters to a wide range of gamers, and gaming tastes.

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From the old school, to the well loved classics, obscure favourites and MMOs. Starting with the Arcade Heroes, the exhibition moves through the timeline and genres of gaming. Arcade highlights include Elevator Actionwhich I assure you is a somewhat accurate description of the game, and Robotron which is, quite frankly, an absolute acid trip. With Game Masters making its way to Scotland, it features a welcome nod to the institution of Scottish games with a retrospective of DMAthe Dundee based studio responsible for the acclaimed title Lemmings.

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There is an obviously vast array of Nintendo classics including Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda, as well as a selection of the many incarnations of Sonic the Hedgehog which, as a Mega Drive owner in my childhood, brought back a million 3AM memories. There are some beautiful original concepts on show and both games are available to play, though sadly not in their HD re-releases. Well known deers and contributors who have helped to define gaming receive their own honorary area, including work and wise words from the likes of Tim Schafer and Will Wright.

Big names and big titles are one thing, but the finely curated selection of indie games and studios that fill the final hall are wonderful. Video games have simply never been more accessible, to both those sexy gamer girl tumblr to create and those looking to play. Video games, and how we play them, are constantly evolving and progressing. The Game Masters exhibition is a testament to the fact that video games have finally found their place in a museum, as an expression of our culture, art and humanity. Game Masters runs from 5 December - 20 April The full list of playable games is available here.

With the release of Costume Quest 2 we felt it was only right we pick one of the runner ups of that vote as part of our current seasonal posts! Stealthily healthy and super sour, Barf Roll-Ups have Halloween covered. My favourite month!

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The colours, the light, the food, Halloween and of course - pumpkins. October sees a month of seasonal recipes from a selection of scary games on Gourmet Gaming. Lightly spiced, soft and sweet these cookies are sure to warm you on a dark Autumn evening, keep the monsters at bay and most importantly restore you sanity. An early morning flight on 3 hours sleep called for a warm breakfast followed by breakfast dessert of a chocolate croissant and a latte. I made a mess of the croissant as usual, creating a rain of pastry. I contemplated picking up the lost flakes of pastry off the table, but thought better of it.

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I regretted the decision the moment I got on the plane. Rounding up everyone for lunch was like herding cats. I resorted to some nuts I had brought with me for such a situation. It stopped me from eating my own hand, which I obviously needed for a weekend of gaming.

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I ordered the medium veggie burger with fries. The restaurant turned to stare at the vegetarian, like I was there to rescue all the chickens from their mouths. Insensitive comments about my dietary choices were made.

The burger was good. I was impossibly full from a late lunch and then standing. So much so I made a Cards Against Humanity card about them.

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The Kensington flat we rented for the weekend provided free cereal. I usually eat granola every day, so muesli seemed like a good replacement.

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There were a lot of flame raisins and chewing them made my jaw sore. Are you noticing a trend? I could happily eat burger and fries every day, and I almost got away with it too. Byron is a beautiful proper burger t, and their veggie option was a classic portabello mushroom and goats cheese offering. Their fries were exceedingly good.

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Lunch was almost a write off when we discovered they were out of onion rings, but we survived. The owner sat at our table to split our bill for us when we were taking too long. It was a weird experience. But I forgave him as a provider of tasty burgers. I had a sudden desire for Skittles.


D needed bandaids for his finger so we went to Boots. People questioned whether or not Boots, a pharmacy, would have Skittles. Boots had Skittles. I refused to share. And mourned when I dropped a precious red one in the line for Alien: Isolation.