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Course you do.

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Search the site: Search. In any entertainment medium that gains popularity, there are products that aim at the lowest common denominator. With MMOs gaining players at an alarming pace across the globe, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing such products in the online world game space.

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I considered Eve for this spot, but we already have someone undead themed. Nika, the official mascot of the Guild Wars Factions expansion, is an assassin hailing from the continent of Cantha.

Top 10 sexiest mmorpgs of /

Donned in her sleek, leather armor, she showed us the ways of the then-new class with her ferocious bare midriff and sexy poses. It really sucked to find out that she had only a small role in the story and was relegated to henchman later in the game; such a complete waste of an excellent character. With an almost exclusive female cast, Scarlet Blade offers this kind of lewd aesthete and it only gets racier.

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Or clothes. Yes, the image depicted should be enough to understand that. But maybe the best thing she showed us was the cutely diverse expressions she is capable of and the badassery of her human-maging with all the floating and parkour to boot.

11 mmorpgs with the sexiest female characters

Hailing from Warcraft III, she had her life shattered when her boyfriend, Arthas Menethil, turned into the undead, bug-loving, armor-plated, Frostmourne-wielding Lich King. Jaina would then go on to have more disappointments and disasters in her life where she would steadily turn from an innocent and studious girl into a bonafide ice queen with even her hair and eyes turning white, as seen above. Hell, she even changed her voice a few times and I have to say that it just gets more and more attractive. I wonder if making out with members of dragonflights does that.

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With her huge… harp-piano thing, she captivates any and all who see this blue-haired beauty. Sona should always be carrying carries and winning games to match her stunning looks. Do I really have to put a caption? Unlike Scarlet Blade, these babes still have the decency to cover their saucy bits, albeit in the most minimal way possible, exuding a notable nobility and class.

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Oh, who am I kidding? But whatever floats your boat, buddy. As one of the primary story lead and player-orderer-arounder, Minfillia managed to capture the attention of every single person that came into contact with her.

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She showed us all, though, that with a little determination, exercise, a good diet, and an entirely new development team, you too could become a shining and radiant Hyur-female beauty of Hydaelyn. That would just be stupid. Similarly hot, that is. We got to thank her for that. Now, now, stop yelling at your monitor.

Top 10 sexiest mmorpgs of /

The list, nor I, cares about what you think of the game these babes come from. With that said, Shae Vizla is one of those very mysterious beauties that continue to elude the general population. At gunpoint. And probably with a vibroknife. You must be logged in to post a comment. Nickname or E-mail. E-mail address. Oh dear.

11 mmorpgs with the sexiest female characters

I seriously hope I spelled her name right. Credits to Chenbo for making this fantastic Jaina piece! One classy lady. Credits to Gooloo0-o for this hot art. Ooh la la… Ysera!

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Credits to Zaryna for this one! More by BroadcastDinosaur.

The top five 'adult' mmos

I would've tableflipped if the Castanic race wasn't showcased here! Log in to Reply.

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