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Right out of the oven, here are the hottest new games on Steam from February and boy they are hot indeed. Put those games on the cooling rack and open a window, will you?

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Skyward Sword HD: an imperfect upgrade. We all love a good sexy game around here — and those who have been following PC gaming for a while will recall that, outside of a few peculiar situations, Valve mostly seems to be open to sexy games on its Steam platform these days. First released in after a successful Kickstarter campaign — and deliberately developed in protest at the apparent increasing intolerance of sexualised content in video games from popular media at the time — HuniePop is a genuinely excellent game that has remained popular for good reason. Get HuniePop on Steam! Get Purino Party on Steam! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire presents you with a series of increasingly challenging mahjong solitaire puzzles.

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Here are the best adult games you can get your hands on. Steam has gotten plenty of steamy and sexy games that leave little to the imagination. Starting off our list of sexy sexy steam games adult Steam games, we have HuniePop — a dating sim puzzle game. This game has always stood out for some of its explicit moments, although it does come with some pretty challenging puzzles as well. You play as a sexy steam games who tries to woo the different women in their hometown by apparently challenging them to some gem elimination battles. HuniePop also has some light RPG elements mixed in its visual novel-style presentation.

Players can get to know the girls better, which lead to some funny moments and even sexy images. As with most visual novel games, you will be making some choices that will reflect your relationship with the other characters. You can also give them gifts to raise their affection and even ask them on dates. The Steam version is censored, but you can check out MangaGamer for the full unfiltered adult version. AI Shoujo is a very simple but unique concept within the adult game genre. You can create your own perfect customizable waifu using a very detailed character creator and pass time away with her just having fun and living your life on a relaxing island.

Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is a HD remake and remaster of the game that started the now popular and long-running series of action games. While most games focused at adults on Steam tend to be dominated by visual novels, Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal offers something a little different. There are also side activities such as dressing room events and scenes for those that are interested in more mature and adult content. Kick back and head on over to the sandy shores in Beach Bounce. This is an adult visual novel split into three parts, so expect to make plenty of choices as you move along.

If you plan on playing the Steam version, do note that this is the censored version of the game. Sakura Dungeon is another game that bucks the trend of games with mature themes being limited to visual novels. You play in first person while dungeon crawling but there are also plenty of cutscenes and battles that flesh out the story of ancient spirit that has awakened and sets out to reclaim her dungeon along with an in-game sprite and CG gallery to unlock and peruse. This game basically has you facing against a slew of different girls in different gem elimination battles. Gameplay is simple yet challenging, requiring you to match up certain gems and clearing the game board.

10 of the best sexy games on steam

After clearing puzzles and making your way through the game, players can stumble across some pretty sexy CGIs in Mirror. Since there are a variety of girls you can challenge, you can unlock a pretty hefty amount of different images with gorgeous artwork.

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Unlike the other dating sims on this list, Coming Out On Top centers around male to male relationships. With the help of his two friends, Penny and Ian, Mark decides to meet other guys and go on dates. That said, this game is a visual novel and packed with plenty of options to choose from.

Mark has a good handful of sexy guys to romance, leading up to some pretty steamy scenes if you pick all the right options. If you want the real deal, you can purchase an uncensored adult copy here. What kind of game is Negligee, you might ask?

Four whole sexy games made steam's top new releases in february

Like with most racy titles, this one is also a dating sim that presents a handful of different girls to date. You can also expect plenty of titillating and sexy scenes, and if you want to take things even further, you can download the Mature Content DLC on Steam for free. You know what, forget Negligee: Love Stories.

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In fact, toss out all of the other sexy Steam games on this list because Super Seducer 2 is where all the sexy action is at. Why settle for gorgeously-drawn 2D images when you can have actual people to woo as instead? All jokes aside, it will place you in some hilarious real-life scenarios with some ridiculous options and outcomes. You play as a guy named Dale who wanders into a mysterious forest, hoping to find a cure to a disease plaguing your village.

10 of the best sexy games on steam

Along the way, you meet some beautiful women who, like in most adult games, have a thing for you. This game has a branching storyline that changes depending on your choices.

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You can choose to woo the different girls in the game, and best of all, they are fully-animated 2D characters. Another visual novel game seeing a trend here? Your avatar does have the choice to woo any of the women, with two beautiful girls and a neko character to choose from. Treasure of a Blizzard has 10 different endings depending on your choices along with 24 CG sets of ecchi art. Moreover, there are nine H scenes for players to enjoy, because this is an adult game, after all.

Top 30 best adult games on steam

The game does boast some replay value, so you can enjoy the story and aim for the different routes. This lighthearted ecchi game starts a succubus named Lucy who was sent on a mission in the elven forest, and along the way, ran into some serious problems. Lucy Got Problems is peppered with all sorts of titillating scenes, with different characters to meet and mingle with.

The airheaded succubus will wind up in all sorts of hilarious and steamy situations in this three to five-hour adventure. There are three d in this game, and you have to match which son goes with which dad.

Top 30 most useful adult games on steam

And, yes, this is an adult game. Pixelated wieners are still wieners, after all. These are made out of cube blocks that you must push and pull to navigate your way to the top of the tower. Sounds simple in premise, but things can get really challenging. Throw in stunningly animated visuals in 4K resolutions and Japanese voice over for the first time in the West, and Catherine is easily one of the best adult games on Steam right now. If you guessed anime girls getting into skimpy swimsuits, then you guessed correct!

The gameplay is enjoyable, the soundtrack is solid, and the visuals are of a high-quality.

Top 30 best adult games on steam

Sometimes, you need two anime feral wolf-girls instead. Hoping to have found yourself a peaceful cabin in the woods, your character has left civilization and dreams of being alone. That is, until a wolf-girl appears at your day late one night in need of shelter. Having recovered from her illness, she begins to make herself at home, rather than heading on her way as expected. To make matters worse or better? While the first was quiet and timid, the other is loud and overbearing.

Neko-Nin exHeart aims to bring you exactly that, telling the story of ninja cat-girls Tama and Yura who arrive out of seemingly nowhere to help Nin. Still, Neko-Nin exHeart sexy steam games a great art style and solid voice acting to help accompany the story. First and foremost, Girl and Goblin is a pretty explicit game, tasking players with essentially assembling puzzles that, when completed, reveal explicit images of anime girls.

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Winner winner, chicken dinner, I guess! NekoMiko is an adult visual novel through and through.

Top 30 most useful adult games on steam

Players follow the story of a guy down on his luck who he to Nekofuku Shrine in a corner of Akihabara. Dedicated to two cats that are said to turn your luck around, it conveniently turns out that the two cat-girl Shrine Maidens appear before our protagonist and decide to help him.

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Players will have a of choices to make that will affect the outcome of the story, resulting in one of four different endings. This is an animated visual novel telling the story of Aoi, a teenage boy with a dream to become a racer, who suffers a bicycle accident and must re-evaluate his options. No, no that was not a typo. The game follows the story of Kashou, the son in a family of many generations of confection makers.

Four whole sexy games made steam's top new releases in february

When he finally decides to move out and set up his own patisserie, he finds two cat-girls of courseChocola and Vanilla conveniently named, toohave hidden in his belongings. While Kashou would rather pursue his confectionary dreams on his own, without any cat-girly distractions, they have other ideas. The two stick around, intent on keeping their master as happy as humanly possible. So what have we got to do to help poor Houdai?

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Why, shoot anime girls in an on-rails shooter, of course. What else would we be doing? Giving him meaningful life advice?