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Witches have been the subject of fairy tales, sitcoms, cartoons, comics, anime, and movies. Video games are no exception, and there are literally hundreds of examples of witches in the medium.

There are many different witch archetypes, so they are difficult to define with precision. There are no hard rules for what defines someone as a witch, but they generally dabble in spell casting, have knowledge of the arcane, and gravitate to pointy hats. Vanessa spent most of her early life within the confines of a village hidden in a magical forest. One of seven witches created to fight the theocratic ruler of the known world, Vanessa believes that any matter can be solved by power and aggression.

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This causes her to act impulsively, and her brazen personality is often a source of conflict. Vanessa is an antagonist at first, but she eventually switches sides. Incidentally, her scorching body and hot temper are a perfect match for the fire she controls.

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Claire is technically the leader of the witches, but she lacks confidence and questions every decision she makes. For what she lacks in physical strength, she makes up for with her vast knowledge of dark magic.

Top 10 sexiest witches in video games

The Sorceress can create delicious food, control undead skeletal armies, and trap her enemies in prisons of ice. There are many witches in the Mario universe that could have been included on this list, but I ultimately decided that Cackletta was more inventive than magikoopas like Kammy and Kamella.

In battle, Cackletta demonstrates powers based on pyrokinesis and electricity manipulation. She is also able to create clones of herself and is known to be a master of disguise.

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During the war between the Empire and the Xenobian Kingdom, Deneb chose to side with the Empire in exchange for their magic books. Shortly thereafter, Denben ramped up her dark experiments. Young men began disappearing in droves and entire fields of crops were found dug up. Rumours began to circulate regarding the nature of these happenings, but people began to put two-and-two together when creatures with pumpkins for he began to emerge from the mountains.

Despite her complete disregard for others, Deneb is one of the most popular characters in the Ogre Battle series. I guess we can chalk that up to her powers of flirtation. Guided by a disembodied voice and armed with a magical weapon called a gunrod, Alica emerged to defend humanity from hordes of sexy witch game demons. Her gunrod looks like a broomstick, but it can morph into a shotgun, a sniper rifle, or a Gattling gun.

Her witchcraft allows her to move objects with her mind, summon swarms of deadly ravens, and construct stone walls to act as shields. She can also create lightning bolts, powerful tornadoes, and even meteor showers! Hilda is one of five witches permitted to sing in a world where song was prohibited by the gods.

Stella Glow is a hidden gem in the 3DS library and Hilda is the most compelling character in the game. Shanoa is a glyph user who is capable of absorbing her enemies and using their energy to create spells, summon creatures, materialize weapons, and even transform into a variety of creatures herself.

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Shanoa was chosen by the Order to be a vessel for a glyph powerful enough to defeat Dracula, but she was attacked during the ritual and left in an amnesiac state. With no memory of her past, Shanoa is only able to simulate emotions. Her face lacks expression, but her actions speak loudly. Ashley is a young witch-in-training who lives in a haunted mansion. To her credit, she knows the darkest spells and brews the meanest potions.

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She insists that everyone loves her bewitching personality, but she is egotistical and quick to anger. She has been known to turn her teachers into spoons and threatens anyone who makes her feel rejected in any way.

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She hangs out with a shape-shifting imp sexy witch game Red, but she secretly wants more friends. Either way, you better learn her name! Of all the ladies on this list, Gruntilda is the one who most closely fits with the stereotypical depiction of witches in pop culture.

A self-described wench, Grunty is defined by her green skin, large nose, and missing teeth. She wears a pointy hat, rides around on a flying broomstick, and speaks in rhyme as though she was in a fairytale. Grunty is known for her sarcastic wit and even breaks the fourth wall on a of occasions. Gruntilda has been described as arrogant and overconfident, but she also demonstrates a wide array of abilities. She casts fireballs, generates force fields, and defies death on a of occasions. She even serves as a host of an elaborate game show she devised. Her most remarkable accomplishment is building a machine that can transform her into a sexy witch that looks remarkably like Posh Spice.

Bayonetta certainly has options when it comes to defending herself. She arms herself with an assortment of pistols, shotguns, katanas, and whips, but her most creative attacks involve her witch powers. As a member of an ancient coven known as the Umbra, Bayonetta is well-versed in the supernatural and metaphysical arts. She can transform into animals, walk on walls, or use her hair as a medium to call forth behemoth beasts to help her in battle. She also has the ability to manipulate time itself. Bayonetta has superhuman speed and agility and is extremely graceful in combat.

Do you agree with this list? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Your opinion matters!

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