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Shower with your dad simulator codes looking up woman who like extream

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Unlock the beer upgrade to slow down time to easily find your dad within the time limit.

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Do not just run for the wrong dad each time. The maximum time will decrease each time and after the second failure you will have insufficient time to reach the correct or wrong dad. Instead, with every ten dad streak go for the wrong dad, then build the streak again. The fastest way to get mini-games is to repeatedly go through the menu and click on "Dadathalon".

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If you did not get a mini-game, press [Esc] to return to the menu. After you enter a mini-game, press [Left] and [Right] as fast as possible. Collect the bucket, puddle, graffiti, rusty valve, and middle urinal.

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Repeatedly select the hazard until it is picked up, then take the torque wrench that was under it. Put the hazard back down to avoid slipping. Set the towel on the rack on fire with your lighter. Take the flaming towel. Place the puddle in the bucket, then put the flaming towel in the bucket to create hot water.

Use the graffiti on the rusty valve.

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Use the torque wrench on the urinal. Place the hot water bucket on the open water pipe where you took the urinal. Place the new painted valve back on the shower.

Shower with your dad simulator input codes

Shower by pressing [Take] and selecting the newly painted shower valve. Finally, use the soap. Play Endurodad mode, during which time your dad will randomly disappear. This mode features at least three ninjas and your dad against you.

Shower with your dad simulator input codes

Avoid touching the ninjas and getting hit by the shuriken thrown by your dad. However, you can pass through your dad. Survive until all eight torches are out to advance. In this section, move your motorcycles to collect fuel and avoid touching the tires.

The progress bar will increase when you consume a fuel box and decrease when you touch an obstruction or the red enemies.

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The red enemies may try to attack you. Shoot shuriken at them to take them down. When the progress far is full, you will win. Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

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