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I'm hunting for girl that like silverbard games

The newest version of Night Games is now available to everyone. The first and most basic patron reward I offer is getting access to the game a week before it goes public.

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Telecomsoft was a British video game publisher and a division of British Telecom. The company was founded by Dr. Ederyn Williams in and operated three separate labels: Firebird, Rainbird, and Silverbird. Telecomsoft was founded in when computer games were the fastest growing sector within the computer software market at the time. British Telecom brought in Tony Rainbird, owner of budget software publisher Micro-Gold, to help set up the first Telecomsoft label, Firebird. Although there were doubts as to whether or not the market could afford to sustain a range of budget titles, the Firebird Silver releases were successful.

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Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 28 of 31 Go to. Jul 6, 1, Hence why I am begging to believe it is dead as there hasn't been any news posted on his Patreon nor here. Last edited: Dec 20, DudePersonA Member.

Current public version: quest for erotic development b3

Aug 24, Reactions: megamanx LoveHurts Well-Known Member. May 19, 2, 2, What is the difference between the "Jar" and "Exe and Jar" download links? Oct 7, LoveHurts said:. Reactions: BadAtTech. The Silver Bard said:.

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The "Jar" is a runnable jar file. It will work even if you don't have Java installed, but it's Windows only.

Silver bard games – the home of night games

Devilevil New Member. Jan 29, 6 2. Does this work on android? Devilevil said:.

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Turdcoloredwood Newbie. Sep 10, 72 Any way to view the CGs? I was looking at the wikia and there are quite a few that I have never seen but I would like to.

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Turdcoloredwood said:. Reactions: dd and rhev. Apr 29, Doesn't create a gallery, but is like "oh sure here's how you break the game down and get what you're looking for! There isn't a gallery, but if you just want to access the images, you can extract the jar file with most zip utilities.

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ShrekTheOgre New Member. Apr 29, 5 2.

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Is there a way to gain masochism stasus permanently? Dolt New Member. May 12, 6 9.

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Not every game has the obnoxious "single piece of alleged content" update scheme. Reactions: fillyosopherCumknucklesand 4 others. Nov 16, Dolt said:. May 7, Last edited: Feb 17, Reactions: decker2.

Silver bard games

Apr 5, 3 2. GME stocks still up for grabs if you want a quick pump and dump scheme for your cash. Jan 24, 83 Reactions: nojszunad destroyeronyxmoose and 3 others. And here I was thinking I was on a porn forum.

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