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Slavemaker is a fan hentai parody of the game 'Princess Maker'. You are a slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. You are contracted to train a girl to become the ideal slave.

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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews 8. Worst slave trainer game I've played. A lot of my progress gone down the drain all cause I hit the "load" option by accident in middle of game and there was no clear option to go back. Filled with bugs as well, and there is no reason for this game to be over a gigabyte.

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Unrewarding experience. Feels like the hours I put into it were deleted in a second. If you ask me it's not actually finished but abandoned and it's sad because this is one of the best porn game ever, i have played over a hundred hours of it over the years and i always come back to it.

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Mainly it's a game that needed more polish, be it the UI or the actual game system there is a fair amount of stuff that while playing feel unfinished, many ideas left unexplored. Don't feel like i need to get into any details, this game is just awesome, i'd recommand it to anyone who like porn game with gameplay, a true classic! It is unfortunate that she remained just a little bit unfinished.

I hope someone takes up the continuation, especially since the author posted the source code of the game on his blog.

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A true classic. This game has MOST of what one would wish for when looking for a trainer game or just a simple, well done, hentai game. PROS: - Many hours of gameplay due to the amount of diverse and unique slaves; - PC is highly customizable: this le to a lot slave maker game replay value; - A HUGE amount of events with choices; - Cheats included only basic ones, the game values are as easy to modify as opening a text file a hitting the search button ; - Great amount of various kinks; - Lots of different slaves, some of them with unique quests, objectives, stats, skills and endings.

Edit: typos. It is Grindy, but that is part of any management game from Civ on down. There is quite a bit of additional content and different characters to interact with in the world and subplots keep coming to keep it interesting.

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Of course, it helps if you like a game about enslaving women. This is the classic slave training game.

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Many recent training games like Strive for Power are based on this. The best slaves are the earlier ones because they are fleshed out better, giving more unique campaigns and bonuses.

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The more recent ones are meh. An excellent game I am sorry was abandoned.

Slave maker series

It feels incomplete despite its huge size. It is still great and I play now and then still. I wish it had a few more characters and stories.

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It has plenty but it lacks a few more stories. Some of the characters feel like the alpha version and that more was planned for later.

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Quick Review: I think Slave Maker is an important game when you're looking at the history of slave management games. I love games that put me in the role of rapey male dom and slave management games just hit the spot.

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It gets pretty repetitive pretty fast if you're just going with generated slaves, so I feel most of the novelty of this game is in the handwritten IIRC custom stories for the anime girls who've been shoved into the game. But it's definitely a weird feeling looking at anime characters that are all-but-forgotten now.

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Probably worth a few hours, but the world's moved on. Try one of the games it inspired, like Strive for Power. Showing all items. Top Bottom.