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Battle for Bikini Bottom manages to hydrate some life into the old sponge. When gamers think of platforming legends, they look back on classics such as Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Rayman. Throughout the original collectathon era though, there was a series of games based on a beloved television series.

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A sk a parent what they're most afraid of when their kids go online and the answer is unlikely to be SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Few fear that their children will be indoctrinated into a bizarre new society by Nickelodeon's box-shaped poriferan. They're being naive. Virtual worlds are the new battlegrounds for toy manufacturers, kids TV channels and software companies with an eye on the youth market.

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It is the classic no-brainer. These days, kids are so into social networking sites that their parents have to get Bebo s just to call them down to dinner.

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The same kids are also into videogames and would probably be into Second Life if it wasn't aimed at overs. So, combine social networking, gaming and youth-friendly virtual living into one experience and you're practically mainlining your brand into the eyeballs of a whole generation.

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This was doubtless what Disney was thinking last year when it bought child-friendly online community Club Penguin. It is certainly what Mattel had in mind when it set up Barbie Girls, an online community based around the popular dolls, which attracted 3 million users within 60 days of its launch. It's on more than 10 million now - impressive, but dwarfed by the massively multiplayer animal-rearing community Neopets and its 45 million pet owners.

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Now Nickelodeon, which already has a virtual world in the shape of Nicktropolis, is expected to launch two more: one based in SpongeBob's universe, and another named Monkey World, an original IP. The former will be scarily huge, the latter will have its work cut out, with new kid-centric virtual worlds popping up seemingly on a daily basis. What media companies love about virtual worlds is the opportunity to truly engage with the youth demographic on a symbiotic level.

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It's not about shouting at kids from a TV set any more; it's about creating a world for them, and then subtly loading it with messages. And hey, if you can't set up a virtual world, why not advertise in one?

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Social entertainment company Doppelganger has just ed a partnership with in-game advertising specialist Double Fusion, which will allow real-time targeted to appear in teen virtual world vSide. Double Fusion CEO Jonathan Epstein referred to vSide as "a place where advertisers can develop powerful interactions with their teen audiences".

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Sinister stuff. The imaginative and social universes children used to create for themselves have now been populated by toymakers and TV networks.

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Virtual space, head space and ad space are the new holy trinity of corporate manipulation and indoctrination. And to think my parents worried about me watching Tiswas.

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Gamesblog Games. This article is more than 13 years old. Keith Stuart Gamesblog. SpongeBob SquarePants is the latest brand to turn to online social networking.

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SpongeBob SquarePants. Thu 10 Apr Reuse this content.

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