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Photo courtesy of StripGameCentral. It gives more details on each of the experiments and gives you and idea what is involved for participants.

The job of strip game referree for a game where the two players look like this must be one of the best jobs in the world! More photos on StripGameCentral. Strip Games.

What beats the anticipation of a strip game - not knowing who's going to lose the next item of clothing, who's going to end up naked? And that's before the nude fun of embarrassing forfeits!

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April 12th, at PM. Which is more embarrassing? Undressing in front of someone or letting them undress you? Strip games are a great introduction to nudity! April 6th, at PM. Are strip games more fun played in front of an audience?

March 30th, at PM. November 18th, at PM. November 13th, at PM. Looking forward to the warm weather returning. Longer version.

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Have you played a strip game recently? Would you like to? November 7th, at PM. Strip games are best played in front of an audience! August 9th, at PM. Strip games are a great way to pass the time during the lockdown!

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