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The terms sex game or sex app do not inspire much confidence.

Naughty games at the college campus

At best, they evoke simplistic tools like iCondom, the app that guides couples to the nearest contraceptive. Yet some app developers and game makers have in recent years turned toward creating offerings with real value. In fact, i nterest in the erotic potential of digital games is growing, spurring the creation of institutions like Lysta conference devoted to love and sex games, which recently concluded its third annual meeting.

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Read on for a brief overview of the big game genres these innovators have created, and how the apps can help your sex life. Some versions also use standard gamification tools, like achievements and levels, as simple positive feedback loops to stoke those who might be nervous or stuck in a rut into branching out. The Desire Quizzes Among the least gamified yet best-known relationship apps, these tools allow couples to up as a team and then to answer a series of random questions about their individual fantasies and preferences.

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Kinduarguably the most successful and oldest of these apps, allows users to create anonymous questions about their own preferences for their partners alongside pre-generated options, then shows matching desires to both people in a relationship and incentivizes follow-through on those newfound mutual desires through goal lists and achievement scores. Numerous variations on this template exist, from PlsPlsMewhich likewise focuses on sexual preferences, to Happy Couplewhich turns finding out how folks think about each other and their relationship into a quiz game and then provides tips and nudges to help couples talk through differences.

The Erotic Educators Some apps help couples not by letting them play a game together, but by using solo games to give individuals in or out of a relationship a friendly and amusing avenue to explore the often-taboo subject of sexual pleasure.

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Happy Play Timefor instance, uses a cheery, humanoid vulva to help women learn about self-pleasure and men learn about female anatomy and stimulation through guidance games. The latest such offering is La Petit Mort, a game from several folks involved with Lyst in which players have to stroke a highly pixelated abstract representation of a vulva in varying speeds and locations to learn how it likes to be touched; each abstract vulva has different preferences.

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The older Luxuria Superbia offers a similar challenge, but using images of flowers which must be colored in by stimulating their petals. No matter the level of abstraction, these games help users learn about the variability within pleasure and bring that knowledge back to their partners.

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None of these games are perfect. This is complex stuff for developers, and a field still in its infancy.

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But for all their limitations, app makers have still managed to give us a few games, solo or two-player, with real potential for some couples at least to advance their understandings of pleasure, sexual variety, and each other in fun settings. None of these games are high stakes.

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None of them are likely to disturb or disrupt a relationship. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! More Videos.