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I am found the guest game walkthrough that loves teachers

Posted By Pramath On 18th, Mar. What is The Guest?

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Posted on Last updated: May 14, Walkthroughs.

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In the Library, the door on the far right in the entrance hall, there is a book on the table this book will give you clues to solving each of the puzzles. From the start location go through the door on the left into the dining room. Solve the Cake Puzzle then leave the Dining Room and go through the next door on the left into the kitchen. Solve the Can Puzzle then go back into the hallway and enter the library the to the far right.

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Go over to the telescope at the back of the room and solve the Telescope Puzzle then leave the library and go up the stairs turn left and enter the first room on the left. Solve the Bed Puzzle then leave the room and enter the room across the corridor.

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The rug on the floor of this room is actually the map of the maze beyond the kitchen so make a note of the route through the maze then solve the Bishop Puzzle. Once this has been solved leave the room and go back left to the top of the stairs continue along the passage and enter the left hand door. Solve the Heart Maze Puzzle then leave the room and go left into the games room, solve the Queen Puzzle then click on the billiard table to find a secret passage back to the kitchen.

The 7th guest

Go through the side door into a corridor and solve the Grate Puzzle then go through the maze following the route found on the rug in the bedroom. Go straight on until you reach the fifth turning to the right turn right and continue straight on to a 'T' junction, turn right and at the next junction turn right again. When you reach the next junction turn right then immediately left and at the next turning turn right again. Go straight on at the next turning then go right at the next and immediately left and you end up on a balcony overlooking the crypt. Solve the Crypt Puzzle and you automatically go down into the crypt, after witnessing the scene enter the casket that opens to return to the kitchen.

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Go to the library and witness the scene there then enter the fireplace to find a secret passage that comes out upstairs, go left and continue along the passage to the door of the games room turn right and enter the bedroom in front of you. Solve the Card Puzzle then leave the room by the centre door the other two doors take you to other parts of the house that you have already visited. Go left back to the door into the bedroom where you played the Bishop Puzzle.

Solutions to various problems encountered in 't7g'

Go through the door at the back of the room into the bathroom and solve the Knight Puzzle, once you have done this leave through the door and go right then enter the door on the left and solve the Coin Puzzle. In the bathroom there is a secret passage down the sink plug hole back to the kitchen. Go back downstairs and view the scene at the front door, solve the Spider Puzzle then go back upstairs and turn left continue to the the guest game walkthrough of the passage and enter the toy room, solve the Picture Puzzle on the table then go over to the dolls house at the left of the screen and go through the door in it.

Solve the Block Puzzle in the chest of drawers then return to the corridor, re-enter the room where you solved the coin puzzle and view the scene near the door on the right. Go through the door into the altar room and solve the Floor Puzzle, view the scene at the altar then go through the door on the right into the laboratory, view the two scenes there then go over to the microscope at the back of the room and play the Microscope Puzzle.

The guest walkthrough with ending

After solving the puzzle go through the gate back to the library then go out through the door and enter the music room to the right, watch the scenes then solve the Piano Puzzle and go back out to the entrance. Look at the bottom of the stairs when facing them to transport into the art gallery, turn around and solve the Stauf Painting Puzzle then turn right and go through the painting back into the music room.

Click on the plant to go up to the bedroom upstairs then leave the room and go to the door facing you and solve the Knives Puzzle. Go through the door and up the stairs to the attic, solve the Windows Puzzle then go through the door at the back of the attic and watch the final scene to complete the game.

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CAKE PUZZLE On the table is a cake, this has to be cut into six pieces each having two gravestones, two skulls and one blank square in each piece, all the squares must touch on at least one side.