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Many years ago, role-playing games like Final Fantasy were all the rage, some of the most popular titles in the world you might argue.

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Check the Town of Passion Patreon for the most up to date info on new builds and release dates! You can also follow me on Twitter for more general updates as well! Town of Passion is an adventure styled RPG, where you play as a common villager living in the small town of Valencia- a town full of many secrets and populated only by beautiful women. After stumbling into an unknown realm, the villager learns that there's an important role for him to fulfill: utilize Pleasure to save those that watch over Valencia!

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Town of Passion is an adventure Game styled RPG, where you play as a common villager living in the small town of Valencia; a town full of many secrets. Installation — Extract to desired location.

Town of passion [v] [siren’s domain]

Changelog v1. At this time there is ONE more update planned- version 1. If time permits, this bunny manor scene will get an echo with another duo in the game. After v1. In addition, Rose has an additional sidequest after her main story has been completed.

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The chest in the attic now can be opened. When Rose and Mary have reached 3 hearts, Rose will stop you on the way to the fountain in Valencia.

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This will begin her final quest. This update introduces 3 post-game questlines: 1- Nyx has new costumes she is wanting to craft for you! Find extremely well-hidden gemstones to receive special costumes for some of the lovely ladies!

Game information

Maybe the dress in the attic is somehow related to things. Where did Ragash and Vera run off to? Vera is not yet available. Stay tuned for more post-game goodies! This update winds up the vast majority of the plot and adds quite a bunch of different gameplay elements from past parts of the game.

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I hope you all enjoy this update! After three years, we have finally seen an ending. This update adds the last quest for this!

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It also adds the first half of a side quest in Valencia with Fae, the librarian. Explore around Valencia and learn more about some of the deepest secrets that the town hides!

Town of passion [v]

Search for your special someone in this winter tale! in. Log into your. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password.

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Town of passion [v] [siren’s domain]

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Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. Home Episodic Story Town of Passion. There are also a few small additions to help round out some of the game including a visual update to the fast travel system.

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Vera is now able to be found somewhere outside of Valencia! In addition, there is the third and final? Nyx costume that you can craft for Mary. The Quartz is found in a very rare spot somewhere outside of Valencia.

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You may need some search very carefully! This update adds the true ending to the game. In addition, there is another costume and charm that you can find for Raylene.

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Download For Android. Gallery Mod. The scene replay room lets you view all the sex scenes but unlike the theater this contains the dialog as well.

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