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If you want to survive or are just stuck in a certain section, below is a complete guide for the first chapter of Little Nightmares 2. We also have a walkthrough for the rest of the game, including the location of every hidden hat and Glitching Remains. The opening of Chapter 1 is essentially a tutorial on the different controls of Little Nightmares 2.

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Trapped girl adult walkthrough

Charles Kramer decides to get rid of Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter, but in reality "only" a woman's life will be threatened. Deciding whether or not to help her will affect your chances of winning various trophies. Important: Lauren can die in this chapter. She is not a key character, but it still has some effect on endings:. Scott Shelby cannot die.

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He will survive even if you make mistakes or do not react in the last part of this stage. Enter the flat.

You will experience an unpleasant surprise. You will wake up tied in the car. Switch the ignition and look to the right. Take off the lighter and use it to burn the ropes.

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If you fail, do it with the glass from broken milometer. When you free yourself, you can save Lauren or you can leave her. If you want to save her, you have to try to wake her up first and then you must untie her ropes. Saving the woman is rewarded with Swimming Instructor trophy.

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Allowing Lauren to drown will bring you closer to unlocking the Perfect Crime trophy, which forces you to make specific decisions throughout the game. You may not react at all once you're in a sunken car, or get out of the vehicle without helping Lauren. This of our Heavy Rain's guide describes the Face to Face chapter.

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In this phase, you will return to the Kramer mansion and this time Scott Shelby will take on direct combat with bodyguards. The ultimate goal of the visit is to lead to a confrontation with Charles Kramer.

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Start by adding gas. A rather simple scene. Kick the acceleration. Ok, gear first. Accelerate again. Now you have to press appropriate buttons to shot the guards. Play the entire QTE sequence as flawlessly as possible.

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You can obtain the Invincible Scott trophy, but only if you are not mistaken even once. If you have problems with this scene, return to it after finishing the game and set a lower difficulty level. If you fail QTE a few times, Scott will be forced to run away. It has no impact on further chapters of the gamebut you want to talk to the man who almost killed you and get a new trophyright?

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After killing around fifteen guards, you can finally enter Kramer's room. Talk to him. You have a choice now - to help him by giving him a medication or to let him die. If you want to help him, the tablets are in the desk in the drawer on the left. The Kind Hearted trophy is awarded for this variant.

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If you want Kramer to die, leave the room. This is the recommended choice if you have plans to unlock the achievement of Perfect Crime. As a reminder, it involves making different decisions throughout the game see our trophy guide for more information. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Chapter 1 walkthrough

Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

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Release Dates. Heavy Rain Guide. Table of Contents.

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Free yourself and optionally free Lauren - you won't die, it's too early for that. Drive into Kremer's territory and get to him. Heavy Rain Guide About the guide Walkthrough. List of achievements. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .