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Urban demons game walkthrough chica found friend especially for dances

Urban Demons v1.

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Urban Demons Ver 0. Description Urban Demons, a tale of two souls lost in the darkness. Take control of Peter, the perverted young male, as you journey around the city seeking to complete your goals. Encounter a variety of women, all of whom you can talk and interact with

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Urban demons

Thread starter NergalsNest Start date Nov 11, 2dcg big ass big tits corruption handjob incest interracial male protagonist milf oral sex rpg shota spanking. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to .

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First Prev 29 of Go to. SmurfyBlue Ex Patch Maker. Aug 6, Harryjackson said:. Sorry it my first time play Urban Demons I don't know what I have to do. Does someone have the walkthrough.

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Please I need it. Game Compressor. Former Staff.

Urban demons game overview

Feb 3, 1, 16, Otherwise look in the games help folder. Reactions: SmurfyBlue. Hajime Mashthe Member.

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May 17, What to do in the forest?? I keep wondering but finally return to the same place May 5, 9 3. May 5, 2, 3, Gamer Newbie. Jun 14, 55 7. Sanjida Tonne said:. Sc0rch Newbie. May 19, 22 Sc0rch said:. May 28, Jun 10, 72 Does anybody know the requirements to get the kaylee fuck scene at the bar?

How to install urban demons game:

Spoiler: Correct Maze Path You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler: Bridge Puzzle Answer You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Reactions: grandray.

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SmurfyBlue said:. Not really, you can try and use cheat engine to do so.

Urban demons full game overview:

I tried to make a "cheat" function in the game, but you have to be very careful as when I did it it broke some of the characters. Example: I upped both Cor and Rel to 80 for Ms. Amos which puts her on Sex lvl 8 however I hadn't done any of the scenes except for 1 pure grope. This made it impossible for me to do anything but pure grope in the afternoon and corrupt blowjob in the evening. This happened because the way the game checks if it should play the pure or the corrupt scene is done by checking if you have done the pure scene at least once.

If not, it plays the corrupt version. May 16, I feel your pain I just got a new computer because my old one got fried and lost my data for a ton of stuff,I also tried to cheat increasing the stats for the milfs since I don't want to use someone else's data,sadly it just seems to break the game so I guess it's back to grinding until someone figures out someway with out breaking the game.

System requirements of urban demons download

Reactions: grandray and mutilador But once I figure it out I'll add it to my SmurfyPatch. This will take some time tho, so don't expect it anytime soon!

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In this room you can add rel and cor AND play all ly unlocked scenes with all the characters. Possible locations would be to add it to the menu you see when pressing Q, adding it to the phone somehow depending on how easy that would be or maybe just adding the option to a character somewhere who serves no other purpose maybe the fisherman? All he does is say hi and he's pretty early game. Version 5 of SmurfyPatch will release tomorrow.

Download urban demons pc game for mac

It'll add s to the contact list on your phone! PING grandray! The second option would be pretty cool if you could implement it because some of the grind is real especially for the nurse.

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I am glad and thankful you are working on the game with your patches appreciate it. Reactions: plumbis Show hidden low quality content.

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