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Platform: PC.

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Please enjoy this ZONE-tan model we madeand are now making available to YOU the public for use in your games, animations, or whatever! This model was made possible by the financial support of our Patrons. All money goes towards making more games and the artist who help make them!

Screenshots were taken inside of Unity using this shader. This work is d under a CC BY 4.

Zone-tan 3d model

Log in with itch. So, most Windows 10 Laptops these days come with a program pre-installed called 3D viewer that runs in tandem with 3D Paint Sadly it will only load the base model without the color png files attached. Any chance you could also include the color files in the. Btw these base programs suck but at least its better than nothing. Microsoft expects users to use 3D paint to do that Lol, at least 6 simple reasons: because I don't trust most freeware I was traumatized by a time where viruses and malware ran the internet instead. Plus my computer does not handle 3D animations very well anyway The viewer is probably best Especially 3D games In other words, I trust you more.

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Besides, I can't imagine I'm the only one. I'm sure someone else other than myself would appreciate it as well. Anyway, if not, that's ok. Thanks anyways.

Sfm model download

Thanks for the recommendation. It is just a 3D model. I just thought it'd be cool to see Zone-tan in color animated for a change. Hopefully some animator out there will take you up on the offer of using this 3D model of Zone-Tan. From what I can see, you did a pretty damn good job. Unfortunately that "animator" is not me. I don't even know where to begin to use developer tools like that. It's just not my thing. Besides I'm too poor to even afford the equipment to support it.

Best if I just watch the pros do it. You seem like you know your way around a 3D modeling platform though. Why not put more into it and do a even bigger collaboration with Zone?

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I bet you two could pull off and put together one hell of an animation. Just saying Open file, drag and drop, nothing worked.

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Blender also couldn't even load the file. File wouldn't show up in the folder when attempting to load it manually.

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Wrong file format for it I guess I don't know, I give up. Like I said earlier.

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Thanks anyway. At least the 3D viewer was able to pull up the base.

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Just thought I'd update you on the potential problem. It's probably just best opened with the program you used to create it with in the 1st place at this point.

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Oh well. A downloadable asset pack Download Now Name your own price. More information. Status Released Category Assets Rating.

Program information

Download Now Name your own price. Comments Log in with itch.

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AnonymousMind 8 days ago. Hotpink 8 days ago. Why not just get Blender or something else free? AnonymousMind 6 days ago. Alfons 51 days ago. Hotpink 51 days ago. Awesome div by zero!!!

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